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#805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.

#805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.

    • #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.
    • #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.
    • #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.
    • #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.
    • #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.
  • #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: PSVANE
    Certification: ROHS
    Model Number: 805
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    Detailed Product Description

    Hi-Fi Series: classic style, exquisite craft, comprehensive and balanced sound performance, largest sales volume over the world, best choice for you.
    805 is direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, can be used as class B, A-F, and R-F power amplification, class C R-F power amplification and high frequency oscillation.
    Uf--------------------------------------10 V
    If--------------------------------------3.25 A
    Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
    input----------------------------------8.5 PF
    output---------------------------------10.5 PF
    grid to plate---------------------------6.5 PF
    Maximum Rating
    Ua-----------------------------1500 V
    Pa-----------------------------125 W
    Recommended Operating Conditions (reference value)
    class B(A-F) for two tubes
    typical working condition    limited parameter 
    Ua------------------ 1250 1500 1250 V
    Ia (mAx.sig per tube)-----------------210 mA
    Pa (in) (mAx.sig per tube)-----------315 W
    Pa (per t ----------------------------125 W
    Ug----------------------------------—16 V
    Ug(pk)----------------235 280 V
    Ia (0)-----------------148 84 mA
    Ia(mAx.sig)----------500 600 mA
    Pd(mAx.sig)------------6 7 W
    RL(a—a)---------------6.7 8.2 KΩ
    Pout(mAx.sig)-----------300 370 W
    class B(R-F):
    Carrier conditions the biggest modulation coefficient is 1 per tube
    typical working condition    limited parameter 
    Ua------------------ 1250 1500 1500 V
    Ug--------------------10 V
    Ia -------------------135 115 150 mA
    Pa (in) ---------------185 W
    Pa --------------------125 W
    Ug(pk)----------------70 70 V
    Ig -------------------15 15 mA
    Pd-------------------11 7.5 W
    Pout------------------55 57.5 W
    #805,PSVANE TUBES,Hi-Fi Series.
    Up till now, PSVANE has been the lead and noble in the field of tube sales. Not only had it been well received by users, but also even some amplifiers at home and abroad has had upgraded to add PSVANE as a selling point.
    PSVANE always front in R&D of tubes. Till 2013, PSVANE has accumulated the power to launch nearly 10 types of new items constantly, and all types are the tops in market, which gained numerous praises. 
    As the most promising products, three new items naming UK are ready to have a grand listing.
    UK-EL34, UK-KT88, UK-6SN7, which are PSVANE HI-FI series, have the greatest cost performance that have never seen in history.
    These are the items that PSVANE European R&D team has spent nearly one year to produce. Having received constructional dissection in many types of classical English and Swedish prototype tubes that are the same size but were produced in different periods, analyzed one by one and copied materials to ask the most stability and greatest sound performance, even received many times of revises of sound performance that across the ocean, our team still hold the belief that has a sensitive feeling about products as artists and be persistent like craftsmen, also keep the ancient and precise handwork skill:
    Three types of items all adopt the most English sound- tasted plate material—“Mould Screen”, and all integrate with the symbolized musicality and emotional attractiveness that PSVANE have, we believe what you are going to get are the most sound-tasted tube that are the same price;
    With vintage style as prerequisite, having respected and followed structural design and material use of the earlier classical same size tubes, we preserve the original structure and sound performance of three items.  
      To ensure the durability and detail transformation of our products, we still use the gold-painting technology to base pin even in low selling price.

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